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Ohvale GP2 Tail Sliders

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MonkeyGripp tail Sliders for Ohvale GP2.

Weight: 320g each

Our cast resin tail sliders are made from extremely durable cast resin that will last many crashes. We recommend ordering them in clear so that you can see when they are wearing down and need to be replaced.  If you are a stickler about weight you can remove material by drilling many holes in the back. With the clear color you can see your drill holes and stop before going all the way through. If you want to drill your sliders make sure you choose the correct drop down menu option when you place your order. We will send the 3M VHB tape seperately since you will need to install the tape yourself after drilling. We suggest using a drill bit around a 1/4" diameter. You want to have lots of surface area for the tape to stick to. If you use too large of a drill bit the tape might not hold well. You could use Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV just like we suggest for our tank extenders. It is removable with "Rapid Remover" adhesive remover.

All MonkeyGripp products come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can mount your MonkeyGripps with the 3M VHB tape and ride with them to decide if they are going to work for you. You are responsible for shipping them back to us. Products must not be dirty or damaged.