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About MonkeyGripps

We are so confident that once you try MonkeyGripps that you won't ever want to ride without them. All MonkeyGripp products come with a money back guarantee (see details below).


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Hanging Off

The outside leg does all of the work while hanging off the bike in a turn.

MonkeyGripps offer substantial physical support for hanging off, as the concave shape of the extender wraps around the top of your outside leg, providing ergonomic support and distributing your body weight with ease.

While traction pads and carbon fiber tanks shrouds offer some friction, MonkeyGripps provide both extra surface area for traction and the crucial ergonomic support for a more enjoyable and effortless riding experience.

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Hard Braking

MonkeyGripps' curved "overhang" also provides remarkable support and stability during hard braking. Braking really hard shifts your body weight onto your arms, wrists and hands if you can't grip the tank enough to hold yourself back. Squeezing a MonkeyGripp with both legs while hard braking helps minimize the forward and upward movement of your body and minimizes your weight shifting onto the bars. Even if you shift your weight and open up your inside leg before braking, using your outside leg alone against the MonkeyGripp's overhang you can find support you wouldn't have otherwise.

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Rider Setback (RS)

A lot of riders have expressed the need for something to push them back on the seat. We offer differing amounts of rider setback for some bike models. Rider setback is measured at the bottom center of the gripp. Since the slope of each tank differs significantly the rider setback distance at the top of the MonkeyGripp also varies.


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High Profile VS Low Profile

High profile MonkeyGripps differ from Low profile in several ways. The concave sides that create the overhang are taller and more aggressive for the High. The High profile overhang is farther from the seat and extends further from the bike thus wrapping around the thigh more than for the Low. As a general rule, the greater distance from the seat will accommodate for longer legs but it's not a strict rule. Some short riders do prefer the increased support the High profile shapes offer.

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Initially, MonkeyGripp tank extenders began as a two-piece design. The primary goal of MonkeyGripp was to support riders' outside leg, not provide distance between the rider and the tank. The two-piece design avoided interference with riders' tuck position and minimized weight, while encouraging a natural rider setback. Our riders expressed the need to stay back in the saddle and wanted their tank extension to provide rider setback as well as provide the confidence enhancing support for their outside leg. The feedback we have received has been an overwhelming preference for a one-piece design so from now on all MonkeyGripp extenders will utilize the one-piece design. The legacy two-piece designs continue to offer significant value by encouraging good form and minimizing weight and will continue to be available. Below is an example of the two-piece design (06-10 GSXR 600 & 750).

One Piece VS Two Piece Design


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Quality Materials

All MonkeyGripps are coated with urethane rubber that makes them substantially more durable and long lasting. The urethane is painted on one side of the inside of the mold. Then, the mold is closed and the expanding foam is poured in. Since the urethane inside is still wet a chemical bond is created between the two materials. As a result, separation of the foam from the outer shell is virtually impossible. We have never seen nor had any reports of separation between the inner foam and outer urethane shell, the foam breaking down or any other signs of structural degradation. All MonkeyGripp products come with an expressed 3-year warranty. However, if anyone wears one out even past the 3-year mark it will be replaced for free. We dare and challenge you to wear one out! We have been making them for 4 years now and have yet to see one wear out from normal use.

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Handcrafted Adhesive

All MonkeyGripp extenders come with 3M VHB LSE (Very High Bond/Low Surface Energy) transfer tape on the back. It's the same adhesive that come on most high quality traction pads. The acrylic based tape is remarkably strong and is actually used to hold large panels onto skyscrapers! Your MonkeyGripp will arrive with the back entirely covered with the VHB tape. It's installed entirely by hand with a scalpel to fit the pieces together without wrinkles or folds.

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Custom Builds

If you would like to collaborate on making a MonkeyGripp for a bike we don't offer or even a different version for a bike we do offer please contact us directly. The cost for a custom MonkeyGripp is $1,500. In order to create the best fitting shape possible it's best for you, me and the bike to be together in one place so I can create and reshape the model to fit your body perfectly. The next best thing is some remote collaboration which includes creating a rough model of what you are looking for by making an impression of your leg in your riding stance on the bike with Model Magic sculpting foam. You can then send in detailed pictures of this model on the bike. We could then translate your ideas into a polished model and send it to you for your approval. If it's not exactly what you want we would continue to make changes until it is perfect.

Money Back Guarantee

Mount your MonkeyGripp on your bike with the VHB tape and ride. If you don't like them for any reason send them back for a full refund including the cost of shipping if you are located in the contiguous 48 United States. You are responsible for the cost of shipping your order back to us. We do not refund the cost of shipping for international orders. Installation with the included Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV (or any permanent adhesive) voids this money back guarantee.