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About MonkeyGripps

MonkeyGripp - "Hang off with confidence!"

MonkeyGripps are polyurethane foam tank extensions which greatly enhance your ability to grip the tank with your outside leg while hanging off as well as enhance your ability to maintain stability during hard braking. MonkeyGripps will inspire more confidence while using less effort and energy, GUARANTEED

We are so confident that once you try MonkeyGripps that you won't ever want to ride without them. All MonkeyGripp products come with a money back guarantee (see details below).

Hanging Off:

The outside leg does all of the work while hanging off the bike in a turn. Traction pads provide a little bit of friction for your outside leg while our products provide substantial support. Single-piece MotoGP style tank extensions add extra surface area for traction pads but they don't add ergonomic support like MonkeyGripps. The difference is in the shape where your leg meets the tank. The curved shape wraps around the top of your outside leg to support your body weight with much less effort. The result is riding with more comfort, more confidence and less effort that you have to experience for yourself to believe! 

Hard Braking:

MonkeyGripps' curved "overhang" also provides remarkable support and stability during hard braking. Braking really hard shifts your body weight onto your arms, wrists and hands if you can't grip the tank enough to hold yourself back. Squeezing MonkeyGripps with both of your legs while hard braking helps minimize the forward and upward movement of your body. 

Rider Setback (RS):

A lot of riders have expressed the need for something to push them back on the seat. We have begun to offer differing amounts of rider setback for some bike models. Rider setback is measured at the bottom center of the gripp.  Since the slope of each tank differs significantly the rider setback distance at the top of the MonkeyGripp also varies. 


High vs. Low Profile:

High profile MonkeyGripps differ from Low profile in several ways. The concave sides that create the overhang are taller and more aggressive for the High. The High profile overhang is farther from the seat and extends further from the bike thus wrapping around the thigh more than for the Low. As a general rule, the greater distance from the seat will accommodate for longer legs but it's not a strict rule. Some short riders do prefer the increased support the High profile shapes offer.



MiniGripps lack the concave sidewall and have virtually flat side walls for the legs to engage. They are smaller and much more compact than the High or Low profile MonkeyGripps.


1-piece vs. 2-piece

Initially, MonkeyGripps began as a two-piece design. The primary goal of MonkeyGripps was to support riders' outside leg, not provide distance between the rider and the tank. The two-piece design avoided interference with riders' tuck position and minimized weight. Riders expressed the need to stay back in the saddle and wanted their tank extension to provide rider setback as well as provide the confidence enhancing support for their outside leg. We actually prefer the two-piece design because the gap between them encourages riders to develop the habit of keeping their body away from the tank. The one-piece design allows the rider to depend on the product to do the work for them and therefore they do not have to work at developing the habit to stay back in the saddle. The feedback we have received has been an overwhelming preference for a one-piece design so from now on all MonkeyGripps will utilize the one-piece design. The two-piece MonkeyGripps that we still offer function just as well as the one-piece as far as supporting the outside leg. Below is an example of the two-piece design (06-10 GSXR 600 & 750).


Urethane Coated Polyurethane Foam Construction

The very first MonkeyGripp prototypes were solid foam with no urethane coating. They lasted an entire season of track days and 7 race weekends (6 races per weekend) and didn't show any signs of surface wear, any change in their shape or the foam breaking down at all. Now, all MonkeyGripps are coated with a durable urethane coating making them even more durable and long lasting. The urethane is painted on one side of the inside of the mold. Then, the mold is closed and the expanding foam is poured in. Since the urethane inside is still wet a chemical bond is created between the two materials. As a result, separation of the foam from the outer shell is virtually impossible. We have never seen nor had any reports of separation between the inner foam and outer urethane shell, the foam breaking down or any other signs of structural degradation. 

Initially, MonkeyGripps were coated with the urethane on both the front and the back. We have since changed our manufacturing process and only coat the front with urethane. There are 3 reasons for this change. 1) Foam creates a stronger bond with the VHB tape and the Permatex RTV. 2) Using less urethane decreases the weight. Despite using less urethane overall we are making the urethane coating thicker on the front where wear resistance is needed3) The seam between the mold halves is much less visible thereby creating a better looking final product.  

Permanent & Semi-Permanent Adhesive Options

MonkeyGripps come with 3M VHB LSE (Very High Bond/
Low Surface Energy) transfer tape on the back. The acrylic based tape is remarkably strong and is actually used to hold large panels onto skyscrapers! However, we recommend it ONLY for testing purposes. It is strong enough to hold the MonkeyGripps in place while you sit on paddock stands and do street or track testing to see if they are going to work for you.

Your MonkeyGripps will arrive with the back entirely covered with the VHB tape. It's installed entirely by hand with a scalpel to fit the pieces together without wrinkles or folds. Yes, we use a lot of bandaids! Installing the VHB tape on the back of the MonkeyGripp presents quite a challenge. Imagine trying to cover a ball with a sheet of paper without wrinkles or folds in the paper. I'll tell you it's nearly impossible! You will find extra pieces of VHB tape on the back as well. Use these extra pieces to repair any places that have bubbles or get pulled up as you remove the backing. The vent locations are places where the tape doesn't always stick very well so you can use the extra pieces to fix those trouble areas. The adhesive is so thin it doesn't matter if you over lap it.


In order to assure that they stay in place long term, we recommend they be installed with a permanent adhesive. After testing literally dozens of different types and brands of heavy-duty adhesives, we found three that work very well on both the fuel tank and the foam MonkeyGripp. The Permatex Ultra Synthetic is our favorite and a large 3.5 once tube is included with every purchase.


1) Gorilla Ultimate Construction Adhesive
2) Gorilla Glue (Original brown, not the Clear)
3) Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV (1 large tube with several finger cots inside the package are included with every MonkeyGripp purchase) 

Despite our recommendation to install MonkeyGripps with the Permatex Full Synthetic RTV many riders are reporting using only the VHB tape successfully. This is understandable considering the permanent nature of the Permatex RTV and riders' concern for their tank's finish. However, MonkeyGripps installed with the Permatex RTV can be removed by cutting through the RTV with a razor or scalpel while pulling on a corner of the gripp or using Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover and a plastic scraper. Rapid Remover dissolves the RTV and won't damage the fuel tank's clear coat or paint.


If you are going to use the VHB to hold your MonkeyGripps in place we suggest getting in the habit of always checking to see if your MonkeyGripp is secure. Go around the perimeter to see if the VHB is failing in any location. It has been known to fail in extremely hot weather. It seems to soften and lose its bond strength.

MonkeyGripps Have a Textured Back:

Initially, MonkeyGripps were smooth on the front and the back. We discovered, by accident, that micro scratches in the master patterns used to create the silicone molds improved the bond of the VHB tape and the Permatex RTV. Now we sand the back of the master patterns with 60 grit sandpaper to create a texture that strengthens the adhesives' bond.

Adding Tractions Pads to MonkeyGripps:

You will need to remove your traction pads and protective center pads from your tank before installing MonkeyGripps. Although traction pads are not necessary some riders have reinstalled their traction pads over their MonkeyGripps. We offer a Traction Pad Installation Kit that includes (four) 6"x 12" sheets of VHB tape, a 20ml bottle of 3M Primer 94 and a disposable glove. A quick wipe of the surface of your MonkeyGripp with the Primer 94 on a rag or paper towel will make the adhesive much more effective. We use it on the back of all MonkeyGripps before installing the VHB tape.

Color Options

If you want a solid color MonkeyGripp choose SAME AS MAIN COLOR in the drop down menu for the logo color or the website will add a charge. For example, if you want an all black MonkeyGripp and choose "black" for the main color and "black" for the logo it will add $15. Instead, leave the logo color drop down menu as "same as main color" so that it doesn't incur an additional charge.

We mix our own colors so virtually any solid color or 2-tone swirl color combination is possible. If you choose the 2-tone option please include a note with your order stating what two colors you want and which one you want to be dominant. The 2-tone colors in the color pallet are just a few examples of what is possible.


color-chart-2.jpgTrapped OEM Seat Modification:

Some sport bikes' OEM seats need a minor modification to be able to remove them with a MonkeyGripp installed on the tank. If the seat can only be removed by lifting them up from the front closest to the tank the MonkeyGripp gets in the way and the seat becomes trapped in place. Two L-shaped brackets keep the seat from sliding backwards and causes the seat to be trapped in place with a MonkeyGripp installed on the tank. In order for the seat to be removed with a MonkeyGripp it needs to be removed from the back first. This is achieved by shortening the two L-shaped brackets on the underside of the seat. This allows the seat to be unbolted and then slid forward enough for the seat to be removed by lifting the back upwards. Remove length from the L-shaped brackets a little bit at a time so that you don't take off more than is necessary.


MonkeyGripps are intended primarily for track use with racing bodywork.  Superbike seats with a thin cushion of rubber or foam are ideal for racing because they increase the rider's sensitivity to small movements of the bike's chassis, suspension and tires. The thick padding of an OEM seat prevents the rider from feeling crucial micro-movements that help a rider judge edge grip, tire spin and other subtle aspects of the feedback these sensations offer. Racing seats are unbolted and lifted without needing to lift them from the front first thereby avoiding the trapped seat problem. If you are riding on the track with an OEM seat you (and your lap times) will not regret making the switch to a superbike seat. 
Superbike Seat Modification:
If your seat pan profile sits higher than the OEM seat modification might be needed in order for the MonkeyGripp to fit on the tank in the correct location. We have only seen this problem with the 17-20 R6 but it might occur for models considering the growing number of bodywork manufacturers. MonkeyGripps match the shape of each bike's tank so they are not adjustable. They will only fit correctly in one location on the tank. Since fiberglass bodywork is so thin, one solution is to add fiberglass on the inside of the pan and then sculpt the shape to accommodate the MonkeyGripp with a Dremel or angle grinder. Then, hand sanding a thin layer of body filler such as Bondo will allow you to create a perfectly smooth surface to paint.  Another solution, depending on your fiberglass patching skills, is to cut the seat pan, surface patch the hole and then finish with body filler.

Money Back Guarantee:

Mount your MonkeyGripps on your bike with the VHB tape and ride with them. If you don't like them for any reason send them back for a refund. We do not refund the shipping cost to you ($8 to $15) and you are responsible for the cost of shipping them back to us. Installation with the included Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV (or any permanent adhesive) voids this money back guarantee.


MonkeyGripps are made by hand one pair at a time. When it comes time to mass produce them, we are committed to using a domestic company rather than one in Asia. We are committed to MADE IN THE USA even if that means lower profit margins.

Patent Information:

A provisional patent was filed 3/3/2020. The non-provisional patent was filed and submitted for review 11/10/2020.

See It In Action!


MonkeyGripp Research & Development:

MonkeyGripps were born at the racetrack in 2018. As a short rider with a long torso and short legs, it became difficult to hold on to the tank with my outside leg the more I tried to hang off the bike. Most people have seen the YouTube video of the unfortunate track rider who falls off his bike mid corner while his bike continues down the track without him. He then proceeds to give chase on foot and jumps back on the still upright ghost cycle. Well, that could have easily been me before experimenting with ways to extend the tank for my knee to reach while fully hanging off. My first prototypes were crude, hand sculpted chunks of yoga block foam. The shape evolved over time by hacking away at the foam with a razor blade to make them more effective at providing support in the right places while still being comfortable and not intrusive while riding. While shaping one of the first foam versions on a belt sander, I cut off my middle finger down to the first knuckle in the machine's drive pulley. After surgery and a bit of healing, I resumed work on MonkeyGripps. Now, after 3 years I'm proud to say that MonkleyGripps can be found at racetracks all over the world.