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MonkeyBar Handlebar Grips


We are excited to introduce MonkeyBar handle bar grips by MonkeyGripp. Our soft and hard urethane grips are unique in several ways. They are available in 8 diameter sizes (32-46mm) and are adjustable in length by cutting at the grooves to achieve an overall length of 115-145mm. The variable sizes offer riders ergonomic customization to fit their hands to reduce fatigue and arm pump. Standard handle bar grips are around 31mm in diameter and result in a very tight fist-like position for everyone except people with very small hands. A more open hand position requires less energy to grip and is overall much more comfortable. First, we will send you the full range of sizes to test fit in your gloved hand. The 3D prints are not intended to be mounted on the bike, just held to determine your size preference. After we receive the test fit tubes back we will send your urethane grips to you. Shipping both ways is included in the price, a prepaid return shipping label will be in the box. $50 per pair. MonkeyBars come with the same money back guarantee we offer with all of our extenders. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

If you aren’t happy with your MonkeyBars for any reason send them back for a full refund. Please send them back after one use. MonkeyBars used more than once are not elligible for the money back guarantee.