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INDIVIDUAL Pairs of MonkeyJaws (51-60mm)


YOU MUST COMPLETE A "PAYMENT OPTIONS" DROP DOWN MENU FOR EVERY PAIR YOU ORDER. Your choice must be the same for each pair purchased.

MonkeyJaws Rubberized Clamping Block Soft Jaws (61-70mm).

Clamping blocks for tubes are a must have for any serious home mechanic. Our clamping blocks are better than what's available because they are made  with a slightly flexible rubberized material that protects your tube from damage. Most clamping blocks are either aluminum or a very hard plastic like ABS or PLA which can scratch or damage your fork tubes. MonkeyJaws are made using TPU which is both extremely strong as well as slightly flexible. The rubberized material bites into your tube so they won't move even without over tightening the vice.

This listing is for 61mm to 70mm only. If the size you want is larger than what is listed in the drop down menu this listing please contact us directly. We can make any size you need. There may be an additional charge to account for material and shipping costs. The really big ones get very heavy.

All MonkeyJaws come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Send us the damaged block and we'll replace it. As long as it was damaged while using it for its intended purpose we'll replace it for free. If you were trying to stop a belt sander from spinning or seeing if it could survive your coal forge we'll have to void the warranty.

If you would like to buy more than 4 pairs of MonkeyJaws please contact us directly at 540-599-4666 and we'll complete your order manually.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Here at MonkeyGripp we are philosophically against payment processing fees. We believe that banking insitutions collecting a fee every time money changes hands is obscene and unjust. Our intent is to give customers the options to pay for buyer protection if they want it, or pay via a zero-fee method if they choose to believe that we are trustworthy and will not cheat by not sending them their products. In the world of roadracing word of mouth and reputation is everything. We would never scam anyone and aim for 100% customer satisfaction for every purchase. You have our word on it. Call Nick directly at 540-599-4666 to place an order and avoid funneling our economy to the banks.