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11+ Kawasaki ZX10 "High Profile Tall 1" RS" MonkeyGripp


One-Piece "High Profile Tall 1'' RS" MonkeyGripp ergonomic tank extension for 2011+ Kawasaki ZX10.

Average Weight: 1087g/ 2.4lbs

Rider Setback: 1"/ 25.4mm

The main differences between Low Profile and High Profile is the distance of the top of the overhang to the seat as well as the shape of the curve at the center. MiniGripps are even lower profile than our Low Profile. The sides lack the curved overhang of the High and Low Profile versions. RS refers to Rider Setback and is measured at the bottom center of the Monkeygripp. The Tall and Short designations relate to the location of the overhang front to back. The Short versions have the overhang closer to the back, nearest the rider. the best way to see the difference between Tall and Short versions is to look at them side by side from the top perspective looking down directly from above. The general idea is that taller riders with longer legs engage the tank further forward than a short rider who, while hanging off, needs support at the edge of the tank where their shorter legs might barely be engaging. This is not to say that a taller rider is always going to prefer the Tall version and a shorter rider is always going to prefer the short.

If you aren't sure which version will work the best for you we suggest buying the versions you are considering and testing the fit. You can return the one(s) you don't want to keep and receive a full refund. All you spend is the cost of return shipping. The shipping cost for whatever you return is included in your refund. We do not refund shipping costs for international order returns.

All MonkeyGripp products come with Very High Bond (VHB) tape on the back. Many riders find that the 3M tape works just fine for long term use, but they can also be installed with Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV (not included) for a more permanent bond. The Permatex is removable with "Rapid Remover' adhesive remover. The 3M tape does not need to be removed from the back of the MonkeyGripp to use the Permatex.

Some OEM seats need modification to be removable with a MonkeyGripp installed. Please see "Trapped Seat Modification" on the About MonkeyGripps page. Also, if your superbike seat profile is higher on the fuel tank than the OEM seat, it may need modification to make room for the MonkeyGripp.

All MonkeyGripp products come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can mount your MonkeyGripps with the 3M VHB tape and ride with them to decide if they are going to work for you. You are responsible for shipping them back to us. Products must not be dirty or damaged.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Here at MonkeyGripp we are philosophically against payment processing fees. We believe that banking institutions collecting a fee every time money changes hands is obscene and unjust. Our intent is to give customers the options to pay for buyer protection if they want it, or pay via a zero-fee method if they choose to believe that we are trustworthy and will not cheat by not sending them their products. In the world of roadracing word of mouth and reputation is everything. We would never scam anyone and aim for 100% customer satisfaction for every purchase. You have our word on it. Call Nick directly at 540-599-4666 to place an order and avoid funneling our economy to the banks.