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(1) Sheet 12" x 12" MonkeySlicks SOFT Seat or Traction Pad (black only)


The most grip you've ever experienced with a seat pad or your money back!

The photo in the listing shows the textured and smooth surface finish. You can see the reflection of my hand in the mirror-like appearance of the smooth.

SMOOTH OR TEXTURED black only (1) Sheet 12" x 12". The entire back surface is covered with 3M 9473PC 10mil VHB tape. The square is easily cut with sharp shears or scissors. The edge needs cut to remove the irregular shape where the surface tension causes the material to curve upward in the mold. Do not use any edge of the square sheet as your final edge for your seat pad. At the minimum cut off 2mm off every edge.

The hard is a longer lasting choice since the soft will wear faster. However, the soft will provide more grip if that's what you are looking for. The"smooth soft" provides the most grip of all option variations. The hard textured provides the least grip (but still more grip than anything else available). Colors change drastically with the soft option so soft is only available in black.

We ride on the track with slick tires that are completely smooth and devoid of treads because in dry conditions they offer the best grip possible. The physics that explains this is that the more contact with the road surface there is the more friction is created. Tread of any kind creates voids where the contact patch could otherwise have more surface area touching the ground. However, most traction pads have some sort of tread-like pattern. Why don’t the same physical laws that apply to slick tires apply to traction pads? Evidently, they do apply! I think you will find that MonkeySlicks traction pads provide the most grip of any traction pad available. If you don’t love your MonkeyGripp brand MonkeySlicks traction pads send them back for a full refund. PLEASE NOTE: The soft version cannot be returned due to wear. The soft WILL wear out faster than the hard version. You can only return soft traction pads after one day at the track.

Slick tires are available in hard, medium, soft and extra soft durometer ratings. Each hardness provides different performance characteristics and different rates of wear. Generally speaking, the harder the tire the longer they last and the less grip they provide. The same is true for traction pads as well. We now offer 2 hardness options that possess similar performance characteristics. The hard pads are the longest lasting and the most wear resistant but provide the lowest friction. The soft pads provide the most grip but with the lowest wear resistance and have the shortest life span. We think the hard version offer sufficient grip and is a nice balance between grip and durability. If you want the maximum grip possible and don't mind treating your seat pad as a wearable product like brake pads or tires, go with the soft. Since this a brand new product that we have not track tested for more than a few days we cannot report on the expected life span of the pads yet.

SHORE A Hardness Scale rating (approximate)

  1. Hard 70
  2. Soft 30

We are currently track testing a super soft version which may available in the future.

On-track testing has shown that the smooth surface provides more grip than the textured version of the same durometer.  The textured version provides slightly less friction than the smooth but has a more consistent feel over time. The smooth version tends to lose friction as it gets dirty, but it can be revitalized back to the super grippy feel by cleaning it with window cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or water. Rubbing alcohol seems to work the best but it will leave permanent visual streaks in dark colors.

Seat pads can be installed on the side walls of tank extenders, but if you want the mot grip possible we suggest ordering your MonkeyGripp with the soft exterior coating to get the mot grip possible. If you do install pads on your MonkeyGripp, we highly recommend that you do NOT use one piece to extend over the edge to the tank. This will result in an air gap between the traction pad and the tank where water and dirt will inevitably work its way in and slowly ruin the traction pads’ adhesive tape. We suggest cutting your traction pads along the edge of the MonkeyGripp to eliminate that air gap. Please visit the “About MonkeyGripps” section of the website to see pictures of the correct way to install traction pads with a MonkeyGripp. We offer a “Traction Pad Installation” kit that includes four 12” x 6” sheets of 3M VHB tape and powerful liquid adhesive promoter. The promoter is suggested when installing traction pads directly to a MonkeyGripp. It’s not necessary when installing traction pads only on the fuel tank or cover.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Here at MonkeyGripp we are philosophically against payment processing fees. We believe that banking institutions collecting a fee every time money changes hands is obscene and unjust. Our intent is to give customers the options to pay for buyer protection if they want it, or pay via a zero-fee method if they choose to believe that we are trustworthy and will not cheat by not sending them their products. In the world of roadracing word of mouth and reputation is everything. We would never scam anyone and aim for 100% customer satisfaction for every purchase. You have our word on it. Call Nick directly at 540-599-4666 to place an order and avoid funneling our economy to the banks.

Clear traction pads and 12" x 6" traction pads can be ordered from another listings on the website.