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08-16 Yamaha YZF-R6 Two-piece "High Profile" MonkeyGripps

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Two-Piece "High Profile" MonkeyGripp ergonomic tank extensions for 08-16 YZF-R6.

The first MonkeyGripp prototypes were designed and tested on MonkeyGripp's owner's 2012 R6.

Urethane Coated Average Weight (each): 220g/.49lbs

All Foam Average Weight (each): 133g/.29lbs

All MonkeyGripp products come with Very High Bond (VHB) tape on the back. As the installation instructions clearly state, the VHB tape is intended ONLY for testing purposes. If after testing the feel of your MonkeyGripps you decide to commit to riding with them, they must be installed with the Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV to ensure that they remains securely attached to your fuel tank or cover.

Some OEM seats need modification to be removable with a MonkeyGripp installed. Please see "Trapped Seat Modification" on the About MonkeyGripps page. Also, if your superbike seat profile is higher on the fuel tank than the OEM seat, it may need modification to make room for the MonkeyGripp.

All MonkeyGripp products come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You can mount your MonkeyGripps with the 3M VHB tape and ride with them to decide if they are going to work for you. The refund does not include our shipping cost to you which is between $8 to $15 and you are responsible for shipping them back to us. Products must not be dirty or damaged. If the Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV is not included in the package $10 will be deducted from your refund.