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Traction Pad Reinstallation Kit (12" x 6" Sheets of 3M VHB tape)


This "Traction Pad Reinstallation Kit" includes:

(1) 20ML glass bottle of Primer 94

(1) Large Nitrile glove

12" x 6" sheets (72 sq. inches per sheet) of VHB tape for reinstalling traction pads

Reinstalling Traction Pads: It's necessary to remove your existing traction pads before installing MonkeyGripps. Some riders have reinstalled their traction pads on top of and/or in front of their MonkeyGripps for more friction. The VHB tape that comes on the back of most high quality traction pads can be reused but it's a good idea to reinstall them with new adhesive tape. It's best to remove the old tape before installing the new tape. It's easier to install the new tape in large sheets rather than from a roll. MonkeyGripps vary greatly in size. Approximate how many square inches of tape you'll need and buy at least that many sheets.

*Primer 94 is extremely toxic and absorbs into the skin very easily; do not get it on your skin!

Reinstalling a MonkeyGripp (.8" x 5 yard rolls): If you need to remove and reinstall your MonkeyGripp for any reason another listing includes rolls of tape versus large sheets. It's much easier to install the new tape on the back of a MonkeyGripp from a roll rather than large sheets.