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Traction Pad Installation Kit

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This "Traction Pad Installation Kit" includes:

(1) 20ML glass bottle of Primer 94

(1) Large Nitrile or Vinyl Glove*

(4) 8" x 6" sheets of VHB adhesive 

It's necessary to remove your existing traction pads before installing MonkeyGripps. Some riders have installed their traction pads on top of and/or in front of their MonkeyGripps for more friction particularly during hard braking.

The VHB tape that comes on the back of most high quality traction pads like StompGrip and Tech-Spec can be reused but it's a good idea to remove the existing adhesive and reinstall them with new adhesive. This kit includes everything you need to do the job right. The 3M Primer 94 is an amazing product that makes adhesives stick much better. Installation instructions are included with the kit.

*Primer 94 is extremely toxic; do not get it on your skin!