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MonkeyGripp Contingency


What's better than racing a motorcycle? Getting paid to race a motorcycle! MonkeyGripp knows that racing is expensive. Entry fees, tires, equipment, bike maintenance, and many other expenses add up quickly so offsetting the cost of racing by winning contingency money is always a good thing, right? MonkeyGripp is offering MonkeyMoney to any podium position race finisher who is using MonkeyGripps. In many clubs around the country it's often the same three racers who make it to the finish line first, second and third. MonkeyGripps have been proven to decrease lap times by many track riders and racers who are using them. We hope that MonkeyMoney will help racers become more competitive thereby adding diversity to who achieves the podium.

Eligibility & Requirements

1) You must buy your MonkeyGripps at full price from the website as a registered user (not a guest).

2) Free or discounted MonkeyGripps are not eligible for monkey money.

3) Post a picture of your MonkeyGripp equipped race bike the week before your race weekend and post it on Instagram and/or Facebook. Tag your post with #monkeygripp and @monkeygripp.
4) Post a picture of your bike with your trophy/plaque and post it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Tag your post with #monkeygripp and @monkeygripp.
4) Text official race results to 540-599-4666. A photo of the results at the track or a screen shot of RaceHero, Race Monitor, or similar race result app will suffice.
5) Text your Venmo or PayPal ID to 540-599-4666.
Payout Limits
MonkeyMoney payout is limited to $250 per year for each bike that is equipped with MonkeyGripps. For example, if an individual races two bikes then they have a seasonal payout limit of $500. Each bike has the $250 limit so they cannot win more than that on each bike. Each racer is limited to 4 MonkeyMoney eligible race bikes ($1,000 total payout per year).