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CLEARANCE 11-21 Kawasaki ZX10 High Profile Urethane Coated with StickyGripp

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11-21 Kawasaki ZX10 High Profile urethane coated. Regular price $250.

Kawasaki green, white and black. The two-tone areas on the sides are an experimental material that we call StickyGripps. It's a unique urethane material that actually feels sticky to the touch. When it gets dirty and the area loses it's sticky quality it can be cleaned with a rag or paper towel and cold water. After it air dries the stickiness will return. There are no urethane or foam imperfections.

All CLEARANCE items come with the same money back guarantee as our regularly priced products. They are all structurally sound and 100% functional. CLEARANCE products have visually cosmetic deffects only. CLEARANCE products come with 3M VHB tape on the back even if it's not present in the photos. We install the tape immediately before shipping. CLEARANCE items, as all discounted purchases, are not eligible for contingency money.