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CLEARANCE 09-21 Kawasaki ZX6 1-piece "Low Profile" Urethane Coated (1)

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09-21 Kawasaki ZX6 1-piece Low Profile urethane coated. Regular price $240.

Black with Kawasaki Green logo. Minor foam irregularities on the corners and the bottom. As a part of the deal on this one I'm asking for feedback on the VHB tape on the back. I'm testing a new VHB tape and would like your feedback about it. All I need is a text or email with a few sentences about your observations. I took an additional $25 off the price for asking your your feedback.

All CLEARANCE items come with the same money back guarantee as our regularly priced products. They are all structurally sound and 100% functional. CLEARANCE products have visually cosmetic deffects only. CLEARANCE products come with 3M VHB tape on the back even if it's not present in the photos. We install the tape immediately before shipping. CLEARANCE items, as all discounted purchases, are not eligible for contingency money.